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Kathryn’s Story: Her unfortunate experience with 5-FU Chemotherapy

Kath at Tent Rocks National Monument

We wanted to share a story from someone who submitted his wife’s unfortunate experience with 5-FU based chemotherapy. This is the first submission we’ve received and Ken was kind enough to let us share his story on our site. Sadly there are many stories like this out there. Approximately 1000 people die each year from […]

Kerrie Update for Oct 26, 2014

Glenn and his extended support team have been consumed over the past month fighting Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield to keep Kerrie at Kessler. Horizon issued its first coverage denial in early August and Glenn has been in constant motion exercising his appeal rights to successfully keep Kerrie at Kessler to get the care she […]

Kerrie is Staying at Kessler!

Finally some GREAT news to announce! We’ve been eagerly awaiting the results of the 3rd level (external) appeal which was being reviewed by a state-run committee. They just reached out to Glenn… they have OVERTURNED Horizon BCBS’s denial! Kerrie will be staying at Kessler! We can not be happier and are toasting the decision as […]

Kerrie Update for Sept 21, 2014

Kerrie continues to exceed all expectations and continues to improve.  She is still at Kessler and has benefitted from their excellent care.  She is increasingly awake during her therapy sessions and interacts more and more with visitors.  Her verbal activity continues to improve and she is responding regularly to commands.  A number of her caregivers […]

Kerrie Update for Sept 1, 2014

Kerrie has continued to make improvements at Kessler over the past two weeks.  Her children have been able to make additional visits and they have gone very well.  Both Kerrie and the children have responded very positively to the visits.  Their insurance company (Horizon) has requested regular status updates but thankfully has not denied coverage since […]

Kerrie Update for Aug 16, 2014

Thursday (8/14) was a good day – Kerrie was reunited with her children and they had a wonderful visit at Kessler.  Glenn acted on the advice of a child psychologist in carefully planning the visit and it went extremely well.  The children were excited to see Kerrie and she responded very positively and unmistakably connected […]

Kerrie Update for Aug 6, 2014

We received news uesterday that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild (BCBS) accepted Kessler’s appeal but only authorized Kerrie until Friday (8/8).  Kessler must provide an update on her condition and if Horizon denies again Kerrie may have to be moved as early as Monday. We are working closely with Kessler and others to justify keeping […]