Kerrie Update for April 16, 2014

Kerrie had a tough day yesterday but has improved slightly today.  During the day yesterday her heart rate spiked and blood pressure dropped, which was indicative of an infection.  This was a dangerous condition and the ICU team imediately began treating her with a broad range of antibiotics and culturing her blood to identify the specific bacteria causing the infection.   She responded well to the antibiotics and her vital signs improved as the evening wore on.  When we left the hospital late last night her heart rate and blood pressure reverted to more normal levels and her breathing was more regular and less labored.  The ICU doctor reported continued improvement today from yesterday afternoon.  We are awaiting the lab results on the bacteria and  we expect her antibiotic treatment to be more tailored when cultures return later today.  In the meantime she is resting and her vitals remain good.

We thank you again for all your positive thoughts, prayers and overall support.  This support and your collective generosity has been overwhelming and we can’t thank you enough.


The Prettitore Family

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