Kerrie Update for April 19, 2014

I am very happy to report more good news today.  Kerrie’s white blood count (WBC) hit 1.0 today, which is a significant milestone and indicator of progress.    The WBC is among the most important measures of progress because as it increases it means that Kerrie’s immune system is strengthening.  Along with the improving mucositis, it indicates that her body is building strength and continuing to rid itself of the residual 5-FU toxicity.  The WBC will likely continue to fluctuate but hitting the 1.0 level for the first time is significant.

We remain cautious with our optimism but these are real signs of progress that we are thrilled to see.  She still has a long road ahead of her and remains in very serious critical condition but we are extremely happy that she has reached this milestone.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers.  There is so much positive energy directed Kerrie’s way and it is helping her and the family greatly.  Keep focusing it on helping her to continue this tend of improvement!

We remain most grateful for all that you have done and continue to do.


The Prettitore, Moore and Mateo Families

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