Kerrie Update for Sept 21, 2014

Kerrie continues to exceed all expectations and continues to improve.  She is still at Kessler and has benefitted from their excellent care.  She is increasingly awake during her therapy sessions and interacts more and more with visitors.  Her verbal activity continues to improve and she is responding regularly to commands.  A number of her caregivers and visitors have observed her attempting to speak and have heard her verbalize words.  Her children have continued to make regular visits and these have gone very well.  Kerrie responds very positievely to them and they have greatly enjoyed seeing her on a regular basis.

While we are thrilled with her progress over the last month we remain cognizant of the very long road ahead of her.  She continues to do very well with her physical and occupational therapy and as a result is very tired and resting most of the day.  Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to request several updates per week but thankfully has allowed her to stay at Kessler.  We feel that she is benefitting significantly from the treatment there and will do everything we can to keep her there.

As we have transitioned to the fall life has become busier for her children and family and we greatly appreciate the continued efforts of our friends, family and community.  Your support continues to be incredible and overwhelming and we are most grateful.

Kerrie is an incredible fighter and keeps proving everyone wrong.  Please continue to keep her and her family in your thoughts in the weeks ahead.


The Prettitore, Moore and Matteo Families

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