Why We Created StrongMom™

StrongMom was created to support Kerrie’s family. Kerrie was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 2014 and subsequently had successful surgery to remove the tumor.  However, today she is fighting for her life after a single chemotherapy treatment. 

Kerrie’s story is heartbreaking and miraculous at the same time. Throughout her journey, there has been a recurring phrase used by family and friends to describe Kerrie…”She is SO strong, she can beat this”. Therefore it was fitting to start a campaign in honor of Kerrie that describes the type of woman and mother she is and always has been…StrongMom…launched October 2nd, the day Kerrie became a Mom.

StrongMom is a symbol of strength and fortitude for our dear friend Kerrie and for all Moms who have shown everlasting perseverance in difficult times.

StrongMom’s Mission

StrongMom is an organization created to provide financial assistance to Kerrie’s family and to raise awareness of DPD deficiency while striving to make patient testing for DPD Deficiency a requirement prior to 5-FU based chemotherapy treatments.

Your generosity and support will help this wonderful family with out-of-pocket medical expenses as well as daily living costs. Through the sale of StrongMom merchandise, including shirts and wristbands, we show solidarity in our support for Kerrie’s family. Our site is also a place for family and friends to view updates on Kerrie’s progress as well as others to share their own personal stories.

Our Vision

Because ALL of the funds raised from donations and purchases on this site are given to Kerrie’s family, we are unable to be a non-profit 501(c)3. It is our hope that one day we can transform StrongMom into a non-profit entity that will provide financial assistance to other families affected by cancer.