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There’s A Lot We Can Do To Help

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All proceeds from this site go to Kerrie’s family. By wearing a StrongMom shirt or wristband, you are not only helping Kerrie;s family but also helping to spread the word about DPD Deficiency and 5-FU Toxicity.
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Because Kerrie is self-employed, she does not get paid when she does not work. The situation is the same for her husband Glenn, also self-employed, who is now spending a lot of his time by his wife’s side, which means his work schedule is limited. We have set up this fund to ease some of their worries while she is incapacitated.
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Provide a meal

If you would like to bring meals to Kerrie’s family, please visit the following page that contains a calendar where you can specify which day(s) you would like to bring meals to the family.
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Spread the word!

Tell people about StrongMom. Help others by letting them know the risks of being DPD Deficient and getting chemotherapy treatment. Anyone you know who is diagnosed with cancer and is about to undergo chemotherapy should know about DPD Deficiency, which dramatically increases risk factors for 5-FU based chemotherapy... Click the social icons below and let your friends know.

Help make testing for DPD Deficiency a requirement prior to chemotherapy treatment

Send a letter to your state board of health and American Society of Clinical Oncologists demanding that patients are tested for DPD Deficiency prior to Chemotherapy treatment.