Ken Surprenant seeks change in chemotherapy policy

We wanted to share a recent article about Ken Surprenant that was published the other day. Ken lost his wife Kathy in 2012 to 5-FU Toxicity after her chemotherapy treatment. Ken is looking to not only raise awareness but also to get the FDA to change the label warnings on Chemo drugs. Please read this article if you have a moment.

Also visit Ken’s website where he has a lot of information that you and your loved ones should be familiar with. On his site is a link to a federal site where you can comment on his Petition For Change.

Send a Message to Kerrie

You can help Kerrie's recovery. A simple message (a video, audio or email) can help Kerrie's brain rebuild connections. Even the shortest little clip can make a difference. Need a few suggestions? Shoot a video at your family dinner table of everyone saying 'hello'. If you're commuting home on the train perhaps a quick video reminding Kerrie of those commutes into the city. Be creative and fun. Send your messages to

Stop By to Say Hello

Even the briefest of visits can make a huge difference. If you're in the area, please consider stopping by to say hello in person. The staff at The Ridgewood Center are wonderful and will guide you to Kerrie's room. If you would like more info on what to expect during your visit, please contact us. The Ridgewood Center is located conveniently off of Route 17. Just a few minutes off the Garden State.

Show your support for Kerrie's Family and help spread the word about DPD Deficiency

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