Kerrie Update for May 18, 2014

Kerrie continues to make slight progress and has been more alert this past week.  At times she will make eye contact or move her legs.  Her doctors felt that she showed more signs of alertness during the week.

Earlier today she responded slightly when Glenn was sleaking to her at her bedside.  She remains mostly in a very restful state though most of the time.

We continue to play music for her and speak to her while visiting and she continues to get regular physical and occupational therapy in her bed.

The experts advisign us remain optimistic for her recovery and continue to advise us to be patient while her brain recovers.   We remain hopeful and optimistic as well.

Thanks for everyone’s support, love and concern.  We will try to post updates every few days or more frequently if there is additional news to report.


The Prettitore, Moore and Matteo Families

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