Kerrie Update for Aug 6, 2014

We received news uesterday that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild (BCBS) accepted Kessler’s appeal but only authorized Kerrie until Friday (8/8).  Kessler must provide an update on her condition and if Horizon denies again Kerrie may have to be moved as early as Monday.

We are working closely with Kessler and others to justify keeping her at Horizin and will pursue different avenues to appeal any denial by Horizon BCBS.  We are also actively working on different approaches to influence Horizon and welcome your input and advice.

We contend that Kessler is the best place for Kerrie to be based on the uniqueness of her case and the improvements she has been making there.  We’re trying everything we can to keep her there as long as possible but are also planning to find the right sub-acute facility as the next step.

We are still looking for help in a number of different areas so please see below on how you can help.  We’ve already received some great suggestions and advice and ask that you keep it coming.

Help Needed

  • Does anyone have contacts at Horizon who may assist us in our plea to continue getting the best care for Kerrie.  Also, we welcome any information which may be helpful in the area of medical authorization appeals


  • Does anyone have contacts at sub-acute facilities in Bergen county (or northern NJ)?  We have researched facilities and want to ensure that we find the right one for Kerrie.  One of the preferred facilities is the JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ so if anyone has contacts there please let us know.


  • We have been reaching out to research institutions and hospitals to see if any may be interested in Kerrie’s case.  If you have contacts at research institutions, hospitals or pharmaceutical companies please let us know.


Please send an email to if you can assist with any of the above.

We truly appreciate all of you for your continued support, and we hope that there is more help out there….


The Prettitore, Moore and Matteo Families

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